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Mehmet Öztan, Service Assistant Professor


Mehmet Öztan is a Turkish seed keeper/grower, farmer, and a public scholar who focuses on restoration and preservation of the seeds of Turkey (Türkiye) on his six-acre farm located in Reedsville, West Virginia, land of Seneca people. The farm is a learning space and a gateway to exploring more than fifty food crops for their cultural significance, culinary uses, climate adaptability and significance related to food justice and food security as well as a space in which Öztan builds relations with plants and their stewards.

In addition, Öztan continuously studies racism, discrimination, patriarchy, favoritism, and extractive labor practices in American seed industry. He holds a Ph.D. in civil engineering from Michigan State University and is a part-time Service Assistant Professor in Eberly College of Arts & Sciences at West Virginia University. 

This website is dedicated to projects related to preservation of seeds and documentation of their stories, food and environmental justice, small-scale seed and vegetable production, development of agribusinesses and local economies, and sustainable farming practices as well as topics related to racism and discrimination in seed and food systems.